Street Studies

I want to do a drawing involving a highly urban, cyberpunked street with neon lights and criss-cutting wires that cut across the sky. But I have no experience drawing such things. So I did some quick sketch studies from referenced images to start:


This reminds me of Milan (all the motorcycles).


I started to replace all the signs with the word AD in this sketch. The photo was from Japan or of a movie set of a Japanese street.


I think this was a real Japanese street.


Here’s a sketch based on the previous street studies. It is confusing, maybe I will add color later to play around with the idea.


This was a picture of a building where some wood beams made an unusual windmill-shaped form in the background.


Warehouse rafters.

Bird Studies

I did some ink drawings to try out my new Staedler pen. Over Christmas, I received this wonderful reference book of all kinds of different birds from around the world. I went through and chose the weirdest ones that I knew would be fun to draw, so these are all referenced from that wonderful book.

Tawny Frogmouth Adult

Tawny Frogmouth Chick
I can’t believe these are real animals

Hawk-Headed Parrot

(top started out as the chick, but then turned into an imaginative drawing)

The Staedler pen is nice. I like it much more than the old Koh-I-Noor pen I used to have in high school. I think my bad experience with that pen (writes a nice line – for five minutes, then you have to clean it again) is part of what made me not like doing micron drawings. They are fun, but since buying the Staedler I’ve been using my quill pen more (see post below).

Train Sketches 1.30.2010

Train sketches from the past month.

Trying out some steampunk-inspired aesthetics.

I’ve been drawing goggles and am currently reading William Gibson’s Neureomancer; the goggles turned to lenses and was subsequently influenced by the character Molly.

I like this jacket.

Girl surrounded by swirls of things.

Hypnotic bubble-shapes, wooo!

I sometimes draw stupid things like this, a kingfisher with inexplicable antennae coming out of its back (they are not really antenna).

Yet Another Color Rendering

Ok, I think this will be the last recoloring (still WIP but almost finished) of this one. The cropping at the bottom is annoying me (ran out of paper, too lazy to draw more) so I need to add something there. I’m getting sick of looking at these (are you?) so I’m going to post some new lineart next! I think this is the first time I’ve recolored anything this many times… I thought it’d be annoying, but it turned out to be pretty fun. And I think I learned some things, too.