Lady Gaga Studies

I was looking for these on my blog (it’s a more convenient archive compared to sifting through my sketchbooks) and can’t believe I forgot to post these. Oh well, the timing works what with the Grammys on last night. These are some studies of Lady Gaga I did in the fall, when I was briefly obsessed with her fashion sense and image (around the time the Bad Romance video came out).

They are from watching the Paparazzi music video.

(I liked how the notebook spiral holes and scanner cover looked in this scan)
And, yes the lenses she was wearing were two different shapes. Since one lens cover is down. This reminded me so much of the Pet Shop Boys.

I did bad quality YouTube screen captures combined with watching the video for reference.

Lady Gaga seems like she can be a controversial icon to talk about these days. I happen to really love her visual aesthetic and really enjoy her music videos and fashion outfits. I also really appreciate her theatrical, over-the-top performances (like when she performed Poker Face for the opening of the Grammys). :)

Digital WIP 2.1.2010

Here’s a digital sketch I may finish.


This next image isn’t a WIP; I keep inadvertently creating brushes in Photoshop, and this is a quick doodle where I was testing one out.