Quad Ultra

This was a Photoshop painting I started last October (omg) and really disliked how it was turning out. I have a ton of unfinished work on my computer, and it drives me crazy, so I decided to do something about it (reclaimed digital pixels?). I saw this painting yesterday, and thought it’d be fun to see if I could salvage the work into something I liked. Thought bringing it into a different program would be a nice refresher, so moved it over to Gimp, and this is the result.

I almost never finish artwork that I’ve abandoned, so I have to admit I feel some level of accomplishment for finishing it. xD

And, I think I like it now. :)

This is what the painting looked like when I opened it up yesterday: Older Version

Gremio from Genso Suikoden

I’ve been browsing my computer for drawings I did in the past year or so and never finished due to disliking the way they were turning out. I have a lot of unfinished work on my computer, which bothers me, so I decided to try and finish one up. It seemed a good time, too, because I’ve been playing with the open-source software, Gimp, and find it much more enjoyable to paint and much faster than Photoshop. Thought it’d be fun to see if I could work on this enough to like it. Well, this one I worked on and was starting to dislike it again, so this is as finished as it’s gonna get!

This is what the file looked when I first opened it again: Old Version (scroll down)

It’s rare for me to do fanart these days, but for Gremio, he’s worth it. :)

Made with Photoshop and Gimp!

Gremio from Genso Suikoden, a PSX game by Konami.
Now Konami, please pleaaaseeeee PLEAAAAASSSEEEEEEE make Suikoden 6 already!!! ;_____________;

Alchemy Drawings

Well, this first one is Alchemy (an open-source/free drawing program) with some Gimp (an open-source/free digital painting program) paintover.

I had a lot of fun with Alchemy. Just let the chaos take over, and it turned into a fish. :)

I like the sharpness of this Alchemy tool. :O

Two People

Sketch of two people, Errol and an underdeveloped younger character. He was probably meant to be a thief, and is sharing his catch with his lanky friend. :) I’ve changed Errol’s design from this lineart (it’s a couple months old), so not sure if this will ever see the light of color.