Werewolf WIP 3 Color – Edit 10/29

edit 10/29:
Here’s an update:

I really wanted to have this done TODAY, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I’m getting lazy with it and just want it finished, and when I want to finish something quickly I try random whatevers with it and see what happens.

Looking at this is weird for me because I haven’t done the process of sketch > lineart > refine lineart> color in years. This image looks alien to me, like I didn’t even do it. I’m not sure what to think of it so far. I’m too tired and too weirded out by the trailer Konami released for a Suikoden pachinko to make sound judgements at this point.

/end of edit

Bird With Hands | Werewolf WIP 2

Bird with hands. This is an idea I had a few years ago and perpetually kept forgetting to pin down, or I might have tried drawing it then and it just didn’t come out right. This still isn’t really the idea, but it entertains me so I will finish it. Will color soon.

And here’s an update on the Halloween art trade (the “werewolf” that is not really a werewolf). I’ve noticed that many of my favorite works by other artists involve extensive use of line, which I haven’t been focusing on with recent pieces, so I’m trying more line with these and will see how they turn out after coloring. The actual image is a full-body pose, these are just cropped to show for now.


More color and design experiments! I started this because I wanted to draw water since I haven’t really done a close shot of water before. Funny thing is when I was in the middle of this, I found out one of my friends had just finished a picture of someone being drowned. Synchronicity is awesome. But as I continued with this painting I became more interested in the colors and space than trying to make it look like water.

This is one of those pieces where I like certain parts cropped to make a new composition.

I’m pleased with how the transition from underwater to the surface turned out.

Painted with Gimp and Photoshop.