Some Lines

Merry Christmas! Haven’t done too much due to the holidays. BUT, I spent some of yesterday and today sketching and inking. This is a crop from a full body piece I will color soon. The lines are not quite done yet.

This is a sketch concept based off a blocky 3d in-game model of an old Korean game from over 7 years ago called Priston Tale. I briefly played it in high school, and had completely forgotten about it until a conversation with a friend a few weeks back jogged my memory. Remembering how enchanting the visual style of the game really drew players in, I thought it’d be fun to try and draw my own version of a character from the game (I’m sure I’m very biased, since I found it so long ago).

I don’t see too much fan art for this game, and I think it’s because the official character art is already so beautiful (such as this archer, this atalanta, this pike or this lovely group shot) (the character art is probably largely what I liked about the game in the first place). So many games today strive for such perfect realism that they all end up looking bland and generic. But I thought this would be good practice anyway, as I tried a slightly different style from what I usually draw. Will also color soon.

In other non-news, I spent Christmas day still tired from that flu and spent it in bed sewing. I ended up sewing this large round ball with large pale-blue eyes and horns. It looks like a Digimon, unfortunately xD But I think it still came out cute. :) Maybe I’ll post a picture later.



Are the shinies too gaudy? It does not look like a straitjacket anymore, and looks like a cozy winter coat.
I was hoping my stomachache might get better but no, it’s just the same. Think I need to just sleep it off.
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urgh, I have a stomachache. Ate too many dumplings for dinner. It’s really easy to overeat when it comes to dumplings. >;(

Paint Tool Sai sketch. I worked a little more on that Tron drawing, but don’t like how it looks so far xD But I’ll probably end up working on it some more and post it later.


Just saw Tron tonight, and it was AMAZING. I totally did not expect to like it as much as I did. I liked the original but something about the sequel just hit all the right spots, it had just the right amount of modern updating mixed with some of the 80’s campiness from the original. Combined with one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard and some of the most spectacular visuals and a killer aesthetic style that seems to have everything I am drawn to rolled into one and .. it was just perfect.

When I got home I couldn’t resist and started this paintsketch of Tron. I was hoping to finish it tonight but I think it will unfortunately need to wait until tomorrow. I am a little torn in terms of aesthetics. I really love the circuitry-like 80’s version of the suits, but of course the modern, more minimalist update is so sweet. Very bold and striking. So in this sketch is my attempt to do a mixture of both. It is not referenced at all except for the shape of the helmet, as I wanted to see how I could do anatomy-wise, and see if I could come up with my own Tron design.

Though I can’t help but feel the LED lines kind of negate the shading done on the body xD The lines so far are just playing around, so maybe I’ll change it completely tomorrow.

Early stage of the sketch. This is done in Paint Tool Sai, which may be winning me over, if I can paintsketch this easily with it.

Paint Tool Sai

I was a little bummed that I haven’t done a finished piece in a while, and realized it was because I was messing around (sketching) with Sai so much. So I’m going to try and see if I can finish a piece a day for a while. Though this looks more sketch-like than finished to me orz.

This was colored in Paint Tool Sai with minimal work in Photoshop. I’m still not sure what to make of Sai’s coloring system and whether I even like it or not. Need to experiment with it some more..

Some Sketches and WIP’s

I was testing out all the brushes included with Sai, and was just drawing some scribbles and splashes of color, then midway through it idly tried to change it into something coherent. It turned into an eyecloud. Do you like it? It likes you.

I think it looks like a symbol some random new age cult would use.

Another work-in-progress, this was a Gimp sketch from a few months ago that I lined in Sai for fun, and started coloring to see if I can actually get used to coloring within Sai.

This is a Gimp sketch that I would like to color sometime.

This is a Sai sketch, late-night random creature drawing.

Another Sai sketch, this was based off a dog-creature I saw in a dream last week.

Dog creature, Sai.
Clearly I do not draw quadrupeds often.

Old Gimp sketch I had forgotten about, but now that I found it I would like to color it .. if even only as a sketch.