Some Sketches and WIP’s

I was testing out all the brushes included with Sai, and was just drawing some scribbles and splashes of color, then midway through it idly tried to change it into something coherent. It turned into an eyecloud. Do you like it? It likes you.

I think it looks like a symbol some random new age cult would use.

Another work-in-progress, this was a Gimp sketch from a few months ago that I lined in Sai for fun, and started coloring to see if I can actually get used to coloring within Sai.

This is a Gimp sketch that I would like to color sometime.

This is a Sai sketch, late-night random creature drawing.

Another Sai sketch, this was based off a dog-creature I saw in a dream last week.

Dog creature, Sai.
Clearly I do not draw quadrupeds often.

Old Gimp sketch I had forgotten about, but now that I found it I would like to color it .. if even only as a sketch.

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