Another Pendra

Doodle that I decided to finish, it was fun coloring practice. I can’t believe I drew it again, I wasn’t intending to, but its design is so fun it just happens.

Frog Sketch

Why, if you had a tongue like this, you’d have a friend wherever you went!
Quick doodle, considering coloring it because … it makes me smile.


edit 1/20:

The composition of this is so bad, but whatever it was a textural study. Next time I’ll know how to deal with large worm-monster things. I’m drop-dead tired today, think I’ll try and sleep early for once.

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I started this sometime late in December, and did probably 70% of it in one day, and have been working on it on and off bit by bit since then. I think it’s done now, I tried adding some background things but wanted to go for a cleaner look with this. But who knows maybe I’ll add a background later. I got a little annoyed with it – it has some issues – but I think I learned from trying some new things coloring-wise.

This picture – I was having trouble falling asleep one night, and this image of a character either helping put on or take off the headphones of another character came to mind. I kept thinking about that image for a few days, and then did a sketch a few nights later:

It turned out differently than I imagined – in my mind the main focus of the image was on the headphones, not the characters, but I really had fun trying out coloring with Sai on a longer picture with this one.

Some sketches + More about safety eyes

I imagine this is Kurt saying 'Good Morning'!

I’ve been fooling around with some more plush making in the past week, trying some different patterns and also trying a sewing machine for the first time. It’s fun! It’s soooo fast compared to hand sewing. It was an omgzlol technology iz so amazing11!1 moment. : ) But it’s harder than hand sewing, so need to practice it. I made some more drumstick plushies, made a few smaller ones, using the smallest as a pin cushion. ^^ Also practiced making some more dinosaur plushes.

Here is another doodle from last week so this post doesn't look like a wall of text

I also found a store near me that sells the acrylic safety eyes! A friendly employee from Joann’s recommended I try A.C. Moore when I couldn’t find the eyes at Joann’s, and she was right! The funny thing is that I had called the A.C. Moore a few days ago, asking them if they had the eyes, and they said they didn’t and only had those crappy wobbly eyes, the kind you used for arts and crafts projects when you were in first grade. But we were right by the store earlier today, so we decided to check it out just to see, and to my surprise they had them. They were right below those hideous wobbly craft eyes, though, in what looked like a teddy bear creation aisle.

One more from last week. I was practicing poses.

They sell an array of them – 9mm, 12mm of solid black, and also some larger 18mm and 20+mm of the colored kind. Those kind of creep me out so I didn’t get any of them. They were all around $1.70 each for a pack of 6-8 pairs (1 for the larger colored eyes). I’m so happy I won’t need to buy them online anymore, it’s much cheaper to buy them locally. The A.C. Moore by me was also a pretty nice store, had an oddly cheery vibe to it.