OpenCanvas Drawing

Started out as an OpenCanvas 1.1 sketch that was then colored, then finished up in Photoshop.
I always forget what a cute, fun little program oC is.

Sette Finished

Version with close-up

Finished the drawing! Again, this is Sette from the webcomic Unsounded. Had a lot of fun coloring this one, think I learned some new things. Namely, some color restraint.

Original WIP Post:

Working on some fan art for Ashley Cope’s newly launched webcomic, Unsounded, which you should go read RIGHT THIS MINUTE if you’re looking for a fun time with some amazing artwork and very lovable, unique characters that grow on you. Only if. This is cropped, the image is another full body pose.


Did this the other night then touched it up a bit the next day. Relatively quick sketch painting of Ruwyn, a character designed by Ellen Yahnke. Really adore this character’s design, the lighting and color scheme is very fun and unusual. I also had a lot of fun with it because I tried a different painting technique that is much faster, which I think would be great for getting down quick ideas and designs.

Mostly Paint Tool Sai with some Photoshop.