Feathery Light

Another work-in-progress! I swear I will finish as many of these as I can over the vacation. I had this idea of feathers wrapping around the neck, so this started as a loose sketch to just get that idea down, and the rest of the design developed from that thought.

I was having trouble remembering what I was thinking with this, but it just came back now … I enjoy character/mask designs that are incorporated in such a way that they cause you to contemplate which parts belong to the mask and which parts belong to the character. Even if you knew which parts were which, there’s a certain way of designing it that can cause the eye to linger and ponder over the character. I enjoy that sense of wonder and possibility, of things that are there, and things that can be, and maybe things that aren’t there but if your mind thinks they are you can see them.

I was thinking of masks but didn’t end up drawing one here – I wanted to try more of a helmet because I am terrible at drawing/designing any kind of headgear and because I wanted to practice drawing the face from a front view. It sounds silly but it isn’t an angle I’ve drawn very much and I want to become comfortable drawing it.

And now … time to sleep at a reasonable hour.