A few more things to fix, but mostly finished. Did a rough color-sketch in PS a while ago, then did the majority of the coloring in Sai a few days ago, then did refinements and the bg in PS.

Speaking of feet, I think I sprained my foot today. Read that if the pain doesn’t subside after five minutes or so, it is probably sprained. It’s a good many hours since I hurt it, so it seems a likely scenario. ):

I originally posted this one but it looks too busy

And a motion blur version I was playing around with but probably won’t use

Or maybe it shouldn’t have a bg at all


PS is winning.. for now.

This angle is so unflattering and I’ve never been able to render it satisfactorily, I don’t know why I keep drawing it

toby and a cat boy

These were done with Photoshop. The drawings turn out very differently if I use Sai vs PS.

One more PS sketch. I don’t know, Sai vs PS, Sai vs PS…

Last one, PS.