some creatures and poses

I felt like drawing some random creatures tonight to just relax. I haven’t been able to draw since Thursday, so I wanted to do something that didn’t require that much thought.

I’m surprised at how much easier sketching in greyscale is. The last time I tried to do that it was very confusing, but for whatever reason this time it felt so easy compared to starting with color.

Just a random creature. I kept adding to the body shape because it was just fun to do. Results are expectedly ridiculous. Though I like his finger-claws.

I sketched the shape of this one first, a few quick strokes and it looked like this fat bird or kiwi monster so I pushed it in that direction.

These were fun and didn’t take long, I’d like to finish them.

I also started and was working on this last week. It’s cropped, it’s full body and Corveil is in it too. He’s at about the same level of finish, but I felt like only showing Hollis since it’s a wip.

A quick sketch from last week to practice proportions (fail) and I just wanted to sketch some outfits for Kurt.

I started doing something similar for Noel tonight, but it became late and I lost focus so the end one is unncessarily overrendered in places.

This is a paint-sketch from earlier tonight that I began to render a little then stopped, felt like trying to do a random scene that popped into my head. Didn’t capture it at all. It also looks like the bottom creature is eyeing the person’s butt haha.

Wow I just realized I haven’t posted in a while, there are a lot of drawings I haven’t posted but I’m too lazy to post them now, maybe later. OR I could stop being lazy and FINISH some of them, ahh.

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