Sketch And Skullbird




Started quite a while ago, but picked it up again and think I’m finished with it. Drumstick! On a living creature this time.


I also worked more on this one yesterday, I’m unsure if this is actually better or just different.



It’s the new year already! I feel like I hadn’t been drawing very much, as over Christmas I got a Kindle Paperwhite (love love love <3) and proceeded to spend a week reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. I didn’t realize how long the books were (700+ pages), and they’re so very gripping. I literally could not stop reading until I finished the trilogy. So I spent the week after Christmas mostly on the sofa staring at the Kindle. And then when it was time for bed, I’d inevitably get to a thrilling/creepy/unsettling part in the book, and couldn’t rest peacefully until reading through it. I was VERY satisfied with the books and EXTREMELY sad to learn that Steig Larsson had planned for around 10 books before his untimely death. The world feels so deprived.

Now that I finished the series I can go back to doing other things, at least. oAo

This drawing was from a sketch file. I’m experimenting with starting with line sketches again, and today had the odd urge to see if I could do a painting with lots of pinks. This can only end in disaster.


It’s Kurt and Spectros playing on 3ds’s, haha. The top screen is much larger than the real-life size, but man, it looked tiny when I looked up an image of a 3ds, I had to make it larger or else it would look silly. Hmm, what game to have them play. ANYWAY, the perspective is pretty off. I wanted it to be slightly exaggerated, and also just look interesting compositionally vs being dead-on accurate. But Spectros’ butt is probably sticking up too much LOLLL AGH. But I’M OK WITH THAT as it suits his character anyway. ;A;


I made a new brush today! A triangle brush. It’s surprisingly fun to use. Some sketch painting to try it out.

Spectros’ anatomy is supposed to be elongated. One day I will actually be able to draw it naturally and won’t need to explain this :A;


I was doing some low-res images of 6 of my characters arranged in a grid for some fun/practice. Much to my annoyance, I realized today that the images don’t go together very well, and look better separately. Which is saying something since they all look hideous so far. I don’t know if I’ll bother finishing any of them. This one’s of Hollis.




Bird character whose name will remain a mystery!


A practice sketch of a profile. Obviously not of shoulders or hair AGH. This one’s Kurt.


Doodle of Noel. This isn’t one of the 6 head shots, but I think there are enough images in this post as it is.


And a crop of a scenery image that will hopefully be finished in a day or two.