Today’s sketch-turned-into-rendering painting. I was hoping to finish it in one day, but it seems it will take one more to get there.


And did this sketch yesterday that turned into a rendered painting. I wish I had planned on finishing it from the beginning, so the pose and compositional quirks could have been fixed. Next time.



I backed up my files today to a new hard drive so I could clean up my computer’s drive and free up some space. The file transfers took the whole day! The transfers slowed down my computer to the extent that every few strokes my tablet would lose its sensitivity, resulting in 3 strokes of full pressure, like they’d been drawn with a mouse. Resulted in a lot of ctrl-z-ing, very annoying. So I couldn’t really work on anything. I made a small photoshop file sketch and ignored the pressure sensitivity loss, and sketched most of the above, and worked on it some more just now with finally a fast pc again. Which is a crop that probably looks better than the full image.


I only spent a little time tonight fixing some things, but here’s how Daneel looks now.



Attempt at my favorite literary robot, R. Daneel Olivaw. Started as a small sketch to practice faces, then tried to see if I could get it to a finished state. Think it’s nearly finished, I’ll do the last bits tomorrow. And fix that warped shirt. I am kind of happy with how the nose is looking so far.