Did this sketch earlier today, I think it was about 2-3 hours at the most? It started out Vale-like – I just really like this hairstyle – but I didn’t want another animal-eared image. So this is either an example of the kind of citizen who lives in Vice’s country, or even his sister.

I spent a lot of today and yesterday changing the layouts for this blog and my main site, which I hadn’t been planning, but it just happened on its own. It started when I wanted to simply change the layout for this blog, because I disliked how with the old layout, when you clicked through the archives it would show only the title of the posts for that month, and not the full post. That made it so there was no way to see the images without individually clicking each post title. Which is ridiculous. So after searching through too many themes I finally found this one I like, and that shows the images when you click on the archived month, so those links aren’t useless anymore.

Though I don’t know if that’s such a good thing, most of that old work is quite frightening haha.

When I was updating my art site, I was surprised how advanced CSS is now! And by that I mean, even just from a couple years ago. I added fading links and a hover attribute to the thumbnails so they get larger when you mouse over them. I remember you used to need a script to do that, now you can just use a few lines of CSS and it’s like magic. Amazing!

Fixing up Vale

This is one I started at the beginning of the month, but I really hated the colors. I tried to remedy some things today:


Here’s how it looked before:


Something about it still dissatisfies me, though – I think when I did the original drawing I didn’t plan it very well so the composition is blah, and even though I tried to fix some things it might not be fixable at this point without just doing a new drawing, which maybe I should do instead.

Or maybe I’ll just crop it, because I did like how the head was turning out:


When it’s just the head there are some parts about the color I like better in the before version than the after:



I did this supposed-to-be-a-quick-sketch that I spent longer on that I should have. You know how they say to add a figure to add interest to landscape/environment images, but this –


looks much better to me –


than this. I even tried moving the hawkman around (he was originally much larger and in the top-half of the image), changed his scale, tilted him, etc. None of it looked as good as just having that open space there.

Two color sketches

I’ve been working on things but have been too lazy to make WIP images of them… here are two I started in the last day or two.


I started this randomly with no sketch or pre-planning, with the intention of making it into a sped-up process video. Unfortunately Livestream slows down my computer mightily, to the point where if I were to record something it would probably take me twice as long to finish anything vs if I were painting normally. Ah I want videocapture software that doesn’t lag photoshop so much.


This was based off a dream I had two days ago, although there was no hawkman in the dream, it was just a normal person. But a hawkman is more interesting to look at haha. I don’t think I’m getting the perspective down very well.