Beast Ears Soldier update, some wips + a finished painting

Two wips:


The cat soldier drawing so far, since when I first sketched it I wasn’t planning on finishing it, I had to change and fix a lot of things that didn’t work in the sketch. Obviously that foot hasn’t been repainted yet ;p


Started this random thing today when I got a headache out of nowhere


Finished this creature painting of Epami’s alternate form

Some random rambling writing in the full post

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Last WIP


Last one I’ll post of this, almost finished.


One of the random wip skullbird designs I have lying around.

Oh alright blog, have one more wip skullbird:


This was originally a doodle to test out some brush settings I ended up trashing, I almost trashed the sketch as well, but I have this thing where if I draw a something hideous, instead of deleting it and moving on WHICH IS THE PROPER THING TO DO, I go, “Hurrrrrr I wonder if I can fix this into something passable.” Usually it doesn’t work and I end up wasting that half hour or whatever, but rarely (maybe this is the first time ever?!!) I can turn the drawing around.

Since it was a doodle, I also decided to try giving the skullbird eyes. I’d never done so before and I was pretty certain I wouldn’t enjoy the outcome. But after seeing it, I think I might start adding them to some designs, as it does add more personality to the creature. And they can have actual expressions!

The doodle was originally a super deformed Elsium, which is why it looks similar to him. If I draw this one again some changes need to be made to its design to make it more distinct from Elsium.

Bird WIP


I recently remembered this sketch I did back in February (the sketch is below) that I meant to finish but had forgotten about until I remembered it while falling asleep last night. Thought it’d be fun to finish it now!