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I have a bunch of new work to upload to here. Newest first!


This is an image featuring Noel with her good friend, Volucris. I think this is the first finished piece I have of Volucris. Yay!


Finished this headshot of Arquel from the last post! I’ve never been able to get the blue tinge of his skin right, but I think this attempt comes the closest so far.


An outdated design of Noel from a while ago that I decided to finally polish up and finish.


I’ve been trying some different brush techniques, this was a sketch to test some of them. It is an avian crystal miner.


Another sketch testing some techniques. This character’s name is Ruta, he’s based off of a feathered dragon.

Alright, I’ll take a little image break to write some notes. I haven’t needed business cards for a while, as all the business I’ve been doing has been online. I’m probably going to attend some kind of business event in early April, so I thought I should order some new business cards, as the artwork on the old ones I have is seriously outdated. I used a few years ago, and remember the printed cards were very high quality AND affordable, a rare combination. Back then, I ordered 100 “mini” cards (half the size as a normal business card) for $20, which, for the quality (double-sided, full bleed images), was a great deal. When I checked the site today, I was happy to see the price was still the same – I ordered 50 normal sized cards for $20, a small image on one side and a full bleed image on the other.

They’re the best business card company I’ve ever used – they make designing the cards fun and easy. If you happen to be in need of printing some business cards yourself, you can get 10% discount if you click this referral link: They give a referral link out every time you make an order with them, haha, so I figured I might as well post it here. Plus, they honestly are the best business card printing company I’ve ever used, so I can easily highly recommend them to anyone, but especially to artists. Their printed images are gorgeous.

And now, ending with some sketches from a few weeks ago:


This one and the next two were some experiments with different brush settings.




Sci-fi themed sketch.


Actually, all these sketches were testing out different brush settings.





I forgot how enjoyable it is to actually type out blog posts! I think I’ve been affected by the text-light formats of sites like tumblr and twitter. Or, more likely, it’s due to the time it takes to actually write out a blog post. But it’s still enjoyable, if a little time consuming (relatively speaking. It still only takes minutes, but compared to the seconds it takes on tumblr … WordPress feels so clunky by comparison).

I had some Wacom driver issues in the fall that took a little while to dig through forum threads to fix the issue, maybe I’ll write a blog post with some simple instructions on how to fix it, because before then the only solution I knew was to restart the computer. It’s so convenient not having to restart anymore, I wish I had known about that fix years ago!

I think I’m also going to start adding some youtube links to music videos or writing about some music as I find it, as yesterday and today I rediscovered a bunch of music I had forgotten about but LOVE, and it would be fun to browse these entries when they’re years old and see what music I liked then. It’s such a self-indulgent thing to do, but a blog seems to be one of the few places where self-indulgence is appropriate, and even to be encouraged! At least, the blogs I most enjoy reading about, the authors are pretty self-indulgent, and that’s what makes them fun to read.

I was trying to find this track and I could not for the life of me remember any lyrics that would make it stand out in a google search. I went to my very old and no longer used youtube account that I made in college to see if I had added it to my favorites, and there were sooo many old videos there with the notification “video no longer available” or it had been removed, or whatever. But the ones that were there! Like little time capsules, they were. I can remember those moments and thoughts behind what made me favorite them and why I had done so. I didn’t favorite that many videos, only the ones that stood out and meant something to me, or reminded me of a person or a place. It was cool to scroll through!

I guess I’ll start now! I eventually DID remember an additional lyric from that song that allowed me to find it again via google, and to my delight, the track is still on youtube! A number of songs were, but I think I’ll just add one to a post, for now. I’m going to put it under a cut because the track is a little embarrassing haha so don’t judge me too hard please.

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Some headshots and small sketches

I made a Domon head painting! :D


I just love Domon. So very much.

I also tried doing one of Arquel, unsure if I’ll finish him:


And now I’m going to go back to using my wordpress to post smaller sketches I don’t want to post on my tumblr yesss


A goat person eating some hay. Or what was originally hay, but turned into more of a millet-wheat thing.


Head sketch.