Paint sketches & Concerts

Using this post mostly as an excuse to write about music stuff at the end of the post, as when I started this blog, I made it a requirement for myself that every post had to have at least one image in it. This is to keep the focus on the images rather than my meandering text blurbs.

I’ve been kept busy with paid work, and as a result, most of the personal work I have are in varying stages of wip. A number of them are close to completion, to the extent that it would be redundant to post them now when there will be only minor differences when I post the finished versions.

I just went digging through my folders to find some things to post, and found a few sketch ideas that I started but decided not to continue for one reason or another. I thought it’d be fun to take a look at ’em. One or two of them I might still try to finish.


The file name for this one includes the words, “rainy day,” though it’s clearly not rainy. It probably started out that way, as it was raining the day I sketched it, but then turned into how it looks now. I’m unsure if I’ll finish it, I like the colors but the composition is a little boring. It features Vale in a tree.


This is a sketch from a while ago for a painting I’d like to try and finish. It was originally one of a few sketch compositions done for a client. It wasn’t one of the chosen sketches, but I liked the composition, so I turned the character into Arquel and changed the environment to a swamp.


This is an old sketch with some vague idea, but I stopped working on it once I realized how poorly thought out and stale the composition is.


This is also an old sketch (old meaning a few months) with Spectros and Kurt. I like the idea behind this one, it could be worth finishing.


Another older painting, this one I had intended to finish, but midway I found myself dissatisfied with many of the elements, so I’ll probably not finish it and maybe attempt it again later. In this one are Loomis and Exodus.


Lastly, this is a sketch detail finished from a while ago.


And the full version.

Alright, now for the main part of this post under the cut haha

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