Noël sketch


Did this sketch of Noël a couple nights ago while procrastinating. I’ve also decided to add an umlaut/dieresis over the “e” in Noël’s name, because the name before often caused confusion. People confused on whether she’s supposed to be male, or thinking it’s pronounced as “nole” instead of “no el”. I considered “Noelle” for a while, and one of my friends liked that spelling a lot. But in the end, I decided I liked the simplicity of “Noël” too much.

And now to link a very funny music video that just started playing on my Spotify playlist hahaha

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Random pics of my chars

Posting these two as refs for the SS, because I don’t think I have any posts of Corveil up.

(Edit: Also adding in one of Arquel. But putting him under the cut, as the art is so old and bad.)
(Edit 2: And also one for Kurt and Spectros. Plus one more of just Spectros. Annnd one more for Exodus.)
(Edit 3: Plus one more of Endo/Coto (thinking of renaming him).)

First one is a wip, second one is old, from a few months ago.


Corveil and Vakna


Head sketch study thing.


Quick sketch of Spectros from a couple nights ago.


Painting test thing of Endo from yesterday or the day before. I’m thinking of changing his name to something else. Maybe Coto? I’d be tempted to rename his animal companion “Manning,” but that’s a little too obvious of a reference haha (Manny Coto was a showrunner/producer for Star Trek: Enterprise, and also a writer for one of my all-time favorite episodes from the show) (oh, how Star Trek: ENT will always hold a dear place in my heart ;_; ) (and naming him “Manny” would be too obvious a reference to Black Books xD).


Wip of Kurt and Spectros, but I don’t know if I’ll finish this.


Uploading a larger version of this old and bad thing.

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