Happy New Year!

I forgot to post on New Year’s, been busy with things! Here’s a warm-up sketch of Arquel from earlier today.


Also forgot to post this last week, it’s the Secret Santa gift I did for the Boys-Exchange group this year – features Ahniki from DA’s two lovely characters, Elliot and Gray, and Gray’s bird friend, Ace:


And now to post the video. :D

Thinking about it again, this song is probably more appropriate for Christmas instead of New Year’s. I get the sense from it that it was part of a Christmas album. Anyway, this song is proof that Thomas Anders’ voice + Dieter Bohlen’s arrangements can cause me to enjoy the most unlikely of songs.

Ahh, his voice! Could listen to it forever. And going by the past few months, that’s just what I’m on the road to doing.

Hmm, think I’ll note down my resolutions this year! They’re very short and simple this time.

First, I want to make it a goal to sleep earlier this year. I’ve been a “night owl” for several years, but I’d really love if I could become one of those morning people who wake up at 7 am by choice, even on the weekends. I find I’m generally more awake, and have more energy throughout the day, the earlier I wake up. Even if I get the same amount of sleep (or even less). I’ve been succeeding at that so far (though not as early as 7 am, not yet, haha). It’s only been 2 nights, but, small victories!

My second goal is to revamp my portfolio with new work this year. I’ve been wanting to do this since last year, but freelance stuff has been taking up most of my art time. So my goal is to maneuver my time so I can fit time for both.

And that’s it! Let’s see how I do with those two this year.

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