Here I am admiring the glaciers in Yosemite! I felt pressured to add this in 2023 to prove I am a real person and exist. Photo by my wonderful partner, thanks again to them!



I am a US-based Digital Painter. I love drawing atmospheric paintings that aspire to be both meaningful and beautiful. I'm originally from New York state and am of Hong Kong descent (with a special fondness for Cantopop/Hong Kong pop music!). I currently reside in the West Coast of the US, where I've lived for the past several years.

My work includes digital paintings and sketches hand-drawn using a Wacom tablet. I began as a traditional artist drawing with pencil-on-paper and painting with watercolors, and the "hand-drawn" expression by the artist has always been important to me. Because of this, I do not use AI image generation in any part of my workflow, and have no interest in doing so.

My specialty is working together with you, creating artwork tailored to your unique vision. Every painting I create is individualized to each project, made just for you - each art piece reflecting the time & memory of what went into creating it.

Highlighted Clients & Favorite Projects!