Commission Info

Commission Info | Terms of Service

Browse my commission info below or through Artistree, a secure commissioning platform.

Note: Usage of my work as training data is strictly prohibited.

Commercial projects

For commercial work, please contact me with your project's description and budget.

Private commissions

For commissions in general:
If you have a budget, let me know! I am happy to chat about what I can do within a budget.

Speedpaintings (Tier 3)

8x10" or A4 minimum

Single character
Simple background or without background
Starting rate: 125 USD

Loose paintings completed in 1-2 sittings. Limited color palette.

The painting is finished to completion after the sketch idea meets the commissioner's approval. Edits may be requested during the initial sketching process.

14-day turnaround time.

"Watercolor-style" Paintings (Tier 2)

8x10" or A4 minimum

Single character
Simple background or without background
Starting rate: 175 USD

Paintings emphasizing dynamic, expressive brushstrokes with vibrant colors.

Paintings this tier and after include work-in-progress steps upon request. Minor edits may be requested at each stage.

14-day turnaround time.

Tier 2 or Tier 3

8x10" or A4 minimum
Multiple characters and/or complex background
Starting rate: 250 USD

30- to 60-day turnaround time.

Portrait Paintings (Tier 1)

11x17", A3, or larger
Bust Cropping
Base rate: 350 USD

Exquisitely detailed portrait illustrations.

30-day turnaround time.

Full Illustration (Tier 1)

11x17", A3, or larger
Rates upon request

Lavishly painted scene & character illustrations.

60-day turnaround time.

Note: Turnaround times are estimates. They may be shorter or longer depending on project scope and pending client feedback. Estimates are from the date work on the commission begins. This may differ from the date of payment or initial inquiry.

Please let me know of any deadlines ahead of time.

Private commissions are for personal & non-commercial use only. Please send me a description of your idea along with the commssion type you're interested in. I will reply with a quote estimate within a few business days.

Payment is via PayPal or Artistree, a secure commissioning platform which also plants a tree🌱 for every commission you receive through their site!

Artistree is my preferred payment method, though please note a small fee is added to plant your tree🌱

Artistree accepts both PayPal & Venmo.

If you're interested in a different style you've seen me do, feel free to ask about it.

Commission Process Info & FAQ's

Below is general info & FAQ's about the commission process. My full Terms of Service can be viewed here.

Please read them before entering into a commission agreement with me.

Process during inquiries

  • I'll reply to your message with an exact quote. If you confirm the quote works for you, I will let you know an estimated start date. If the starting date works for you, I will ask if you would like to reserve your slot.
  • Reserving is not required, but it will add priority for when I begin your project. It allows me to guarantee I will start your project by the estimated start date. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee I will be available during the future date.
  • Slots can only be reserved in advance after a deposit has been sent. This is generally at least 1/2 of the full quote, and negotiable depending on the scope of your project.

Process during painting

Payment Plans

  • Payment can be made 1/2 at the start and 1/2 upon completion, or all up-front. I start working after I receive the first payment.
  • Whichever payment option you choose, payment is not required until I'm ready to start on your painting. You are likewise free to send it anytime before then - whichever works best for your schedule.

Additional Info & Terms

Below is a general overview; please view my Terms of Service before entering into a commission agreement with me (I promise it likely answers any questions you might have!).

  • Payment is through PayPal using invoices or through Artistree. All rates are in USD.
  • I may post the artwork on my art accounts, such as Twitter, Tumblr, IG, etc., mentioning it was for you.
  • Clients are allowed to repost to their accounts with credit.
  • All commissions stated above are private/personal commissions; only paying for artist labor. I retain full rights to my artwork (including preliminary sketches). Full rights include the rights to reproduce the commissioned image to publish, repost, and alter the artwork, as well as for prints, books, or other merchandise. See all image rights info in my full Terms of Service.
    • Clients are not allowed to resell the artwork unless a contract is made and agreed upon.
  • High-resolution JPG and web-sized JPG will be sent to you by default.
    • Additional formats available upon request (ie: PNG).
  • Clients are not permitted to mint an NFT of commissioned artwork nor submit any part of the commissioned art process to AI learning platforms.
    • If any of my works are used on NFT websites or services, these are infringements and will be reported.
    • Likewise, my works are not allowed to be changed or adjusted by machine learning or derived technologies (ie: "AI image generation"), or for derivatives of my works to be created through the use of above-mentioned technologies.
      • "Works" is inclusive of process/in-progress art (ie: sketches or "WIP's").
  • By sending payment, the client automatically agrees to my Terms of Service. Please read them here.

I have the right to alter my commission information and terms of service; any alterations will not affect client agreements to previous terms.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions after reading any of the above, feel free to contact me at

Thank you!
Liz Liu (Landylachs)