Another Mini Paint

Yeah, I know. But these small paintings are really fun to try different coloring styles. I wanted to see if I could color this small thing quickly. I’m still not fast but I think I’m getting faster .. somewhat. Coloring with Gimp is so much more fun than Photoshop, it’s ridiculous. ;_;



Think it’s done now.


A quick concept I wanted to get down, inspired by the cube-filter effect from the Pet Shop Boys Cubism: In Concert (2007).

And here’s an alt version:

I thought it was getting too busy, so I stripped it back down to the above. I feel like there’s something missing needed to fully refine it but I’m unsure what it is yet. It’s probably that right hand (our right), it needs to be fixed haha.

Drumstick Plushie

Looking at the computer has been giving me headaches/making me feel sick for the past week, so while I’ve been off it I’ve been trying my hand at some plushies. Tessa has been making really cute keychain-sized plushies, and it made me really curious to try, even though I haven’t sewn since middle school (and I sucked at it even then) and never thought I’d ever try making plushies.

I found out that I still suck at sewing haha and was also quickly reminded of how I can’t do cute things. But the actual sewing itself was surprisingly fun and very addicting. And seemed to help my headaches. This drumstick one is the 4th or 5th plushie I’ve done since last week (the others are much smaller, about the size of a closed fist, and most aren’t finished yet). I read online somewhere that larger plushies are easier than small ones, but haha no, they’re harder. At least being hand sewn. Maybe if I did this more I’d get faster, but right now it feels sooo slow to me.

For this drumstick I didn’t use a pattern since it’s really simple – I just did pencil sketches then cut the fleece and sewed them up. Oh yeah, it’s made of anti-pill fleece! Joann’s was having a 50% off sale so it was superrr cheap. Like $4.50 for a yard. So nice. And super soft and huggable. Though admittedly hugging a drumstick is a bit weird hahaha.