Fat Dinosaur Plush

I made this for .. well, we’re not technically related, but I would consider her my niece. :) She’s the two-year-old daughter of a close family friend. It’s her birthday tomorrow, and earlier in the week my mom joking said to make her a plush toy, and today decided to try it. I’m happy I was able to finish an entire plush in one day xD I’m getting faster. ^^ It still took me several hours though orz I hope she likes it :)

Larger version of the first picture

This was actually supposed to be a giraffe, but it turned out much, much fatter than I intended. xD I’m kind of amazed at how round it turned out, it’s just .. so .. fat xD So now it is a dinosaur (because a fat dinosaur is way more believable than a fat giraffe). I’d like to do a skinny giraffe version sometime, with skinny legs and ears and the little horns, and tail ^^

I really love the acrylic safety eyes! I learned from another plush maker where to buy those eyes, and I just really love how they look, much more than sewing fleece or felt eyes on. :) Since they’re safety eyes, they’re safe for children, which is a relief (at first I was going to sew fleece eyes on because I wasn’t sure the eyes would be safe for a two-year-old).

Why is plush making so much fun! :)

It’s made entirely from fuzzy soft fleece, acrylic safety eyes, and stuffed with poly-fil. ^^