It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

To commemorate the soon-to-be started New Year, I managed to do a summary of art compilation this year. I like doing these, but haven’t put one together for a year or two.


I actually made the layout to this in 2013 with the artwork I did that year, but I was dissatisfied with my artwork from that year, so I ended up not posting it. At least I made a template I liked enough to use this year, though, so it wasn’t a waste of time. :)


A little fun sketch.

And now I’m going to link a video I’ve been waiting until Christmas to post here, haha. I’ll add it to the full post.

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Exodus Portrait

Oh my gosh, why is it so hot tonight.


Here’s a portrait of Exodus finished toward the end of summer. I changed his ears to be more goat-like, as I want his species to mainly have goat and ram influences. The horns were originally going to be some kind of armor (I know, armor on horns doesn’t exactly make the most sense – but I thought it could look pretty!), but now I’m considering maybe just making the horns look this way naturally.

I used to draw horns with these kinds of ridges – not as armor-like as the ones here, but sort of similar – then for a while I got it into my head that the horns should be based more on real life animals. I tried that for a while (though I don’t think I’ve posted any of those), but I’m not crazy about how they look. So think I’ll try going back to this more fantasy-based approach and see what happens.


A week or two ago it started raining in the middle of the afternoon, and the clouds outside looked amazing with the sunlight streaming through and bits of blue sky peaking through the rainclouds. I tried doing a quick painting study of them, but it was very windy and kept changing. Still fun to try.

Yes, and now I will link another Modern Talking song! :D Something about this band, gosh!

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Shiek Process Video


Some fan art of Sheik’s Hyrule Warriors design from about a month ago! Made a process video of it, and uploaded it to YouTube:

It always kind of amazes me how much I enjoy video editing when it’s just for fun, and not for work/a job.

I’m making some hastily put together ref sheets for an art secret santa event, and finding it really fun to type out some of the character info. I’d like to make nice ref sheets for some of my characters, but who knows when I’ll have time to do that, so the actual ref images are taken from finished or mostly finished paintings, and some random or old drawings I have lying around, many which I haven’t posted to anywhere because they’re poor quality. But in terms of being useful as a reference, they’re are probably adequate. Or the best I have right now, in any case. Desperate times call for desperate measures, haha.

But it’s cool, because I mostly keep any written character info and character sketches separate (text document vs PSD file), and this is one of the few times where I’m seeing the text info alongside some images. How I’ve painted seems to have fluctuated a lot, and it’s kind of neat to be able to see that all in one reference sheet. It’s probably just interesting to me.

A crop of Spectros from a wip before linking some music videos for a new band I started listening to!


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