Exodus Portrait

Oh my gosh, why is it so hot tonight.


Here’s a portrait of Exodus finished toward the end of summer. I changed his ears to be more goat-like, as I want his species to mainly have goat and ram influences. The horns were originally going to be some kind of armor (I know, armor on horns doesn’t exactly make the most sense – but I thought it could look pretty!), but now I’m considering maybe just making the horns look this way naturally.

I used to draw horns with these kinds of ridges – not as armor-like as the ones here, but sort of similar – then for a while I got it into my head that the horns should be based more on real life animals. I tried that for a while (though I don’t think I’ve posted any of those), but I’m not crazy about how they look. So think I’ll try going back to this more fantasy-based approach and see what happens.


A week or two ago it started raining in the middle of the afternoon, and the clouds outside looked amazing with the sunlight streaming through and bits of blue sky peaking through the rainclouds. I tried doing a quick painting study of them, but it was very windy and kept changing. Still fun to try.

Yes, and now I will link another Modern Talking song! :D Something about this band, gosh!

I was originally going to link one of their early songs, but this is the one playing now, and I love it, so am linking this one instead! “Mrs. Robota”, from their 2002 album titled “Victory”, which was their second to last album before disbanding a second time. I love the atmosphere of this song, and how fresh it still sounds today.

That’s what a I like about Modern Talking in general. Their 80’s songs are clearly 80’s synthpop/discopop, but they still have a feeling of freshness or a modern sound to them. At least to my musically uneducated ears! I just enjoy them a lot. I haven’t enjoyed a band to this extent in quite a while. Starting to remind me a bit of my frightening Oingo Boingo phase. Well, not quite that bad – I don’t think anything will ever top that.

Still, something about Thomas Anders’ voice just continues to grow on me. I enjoyed it when I first heard them, but it seems like it continues to sound better and better the more I hear it, whether it’s the same songs or new songs I haven’t heard him on before. What is it about this voice! There’s something ethereally calm and beautiful to it, like listening to magic. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t alive when they were crazy popular (and living somewhere not the US or UK) – I probably would have been one of those scary obsessed teenagers, haha.

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