It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

To commemorate the soon-to-be started New Year, I managed to do a summary of art compilation this year. I like doing these, but haven’t put one together for a year or two.


I actually made the layout to this in 2013 with the artwork I did that year, but I was dissatisfied with my artwork from that year, so I ended up not posting it. At least I made a template I liked enough to use this year, though, so it wasn’t a waste of time. :)


A little fun sketch.

And now I’m going to link a video I’ve been waiting until Christmas to post here, haha. I’ll add it to the full post.

Here it is! My Modern Talking phase has seemingly not yet worn out.

I love the person who edited this video, haha. It has a home-movie type of quality to it, warm and sappy, but not (in my opinion) in an insufferable way. I love the randomness of some of the added clips, like the cat painting and photos that look like they were probably taken from the video editor’s house or taken from a google image search. There is something satisfying about seeing a young Thomas Anders with his staring at you beneath those long curly locks while being covered by softly falling studio snow. It’s just a very calming video to me! In all its corny coziness. Yes, cozy. That’s a good way to describe it.

This song was released as part of their album titled, “In the Garden of Venus,” released in 1987. I am rather curious as to where the clips that show Thomas and Dieter standing in that Christmas-themed studio set, knee-high in faux snow, originates from. Was there a Christmas music video released in Germany then, featuring this song? YouTube yielded no answers. Was it during a Christmas live performance from back then, and edited in to fit this song’s music video by a random YouTube fan of Modern Talking? One day, I’ll have to look this up. As those shots of them in the studio amuse me to no end.

Anyway, going to sleep soon. Merry Christmas!

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