Arquel & Corveil Sketch Compilation from the past few months

I’ve been wanting to start compiling the sketches I’ve been doing this year in this sketchblog to have a place to organize things a bit more.

Crop of a painting with Arquel and Corveil from a while back.

Underpainting of Arquel with his hair tied back. I think monochromatic underpainting might still be my favorite way to sketch, at least when sketching aimlessly. It’s the most relaxing method for me because I can immediately scribble away.

Felt like doing some torso practice with a shirtless Corveil.

Underpainting/sketch of the Corveil practice above.

Arquel painting practice. 

Crop of another practice painting with Arquel & Corveil.

Additional more rough sketches in the full post!

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