Arquel & Corveil Sketch Compilation from the past few months

I’ve been wanting to start compiling the sketches I’ve been doing this year in this sketchblog to have a place to organize things a bit more.

Crop of a painting with Arquel and Corveil from a while back.

Underpainting of Arquel with his hair tied back. I think monochromatic underpainting might still be my favorite way to sketch, at least when sketching aimlessly. It’s the most relaxing method for me because I can immediately scribble away.

Felt like doing some torso practice with a shirtless Corveil.

Underpainting/sketch of the Corveil practice above.

Arquel painting practice. 

Crop of another practice painting with Arquel & Corveil.

Additional more rough sketches in the full post!

I started sketching Corveil in a customized parka this year, and also trying out a different color scheme for his hair. 

Both of Corveil’s designs next to each other for me to help me decide how/if I want to change his design. Previous design on the left, new design I’m tinkering with on the right.

Another test for potential color scheme adjustments to Corveil’s design.

Sketch of the two again.

Corveil practice that turned out looking more like Kurt based on how the hair turned out.

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