Arquel, Corveil, Vaknaa, & Kurt Sketch Paintings

Crop from an Arquel painting I think might be fun to finish.

Corveil in his fancy new parka. This was mainly an excuse to try out the design.

Corveil in his parka with the hood up.

Arquel practice.

Crop from an Arquel painting I was fiddling with. For whatever reason, I seem to tend to draw the face from this angle when sketching aimlessly.

More experimenting with Corveil’s color scheme.

I was also experimenting with Vaknaa’s color scheme a bit – her original eyes were a dark blue-green color. I was trying out amber eyes with her for a while, and am now pretty settled on giving those to Corveil instead. I was then trying out a more mint color for Vaknaa, but am leaning toward her original darker blue-green coloration again.

This is a paintover of an old Kurt sketch from a few years ago. (It might even be in the archives of this sketchblog, but I couldn’t find it on a cursory search. Which reminds me how I need to improve the search results display for this blog, haha.)

I was curious to see if painting over such an old sketch would have any interesting results, or if it would look noticeably different with my current painting style/skills versus years back. I was expecting disastrous results – but to my surprise, the paintover was an improvement from the original painting.

Arquel & Corveil Sketch Compilation from the past few months

I’ve been wanting to start compiling the sketches I’ve been doing this year in this sketchblog to have a place to organize things a bit more.

Crop of a painting with Arquel and Corveil from a while back.

Underpainting of Arquel with his hair tied back. I think monochromatic underpainting might still be my favorite way to sketch, at least when sketching aimlessly. It’s the most relaxing method for me because I can immediately scribble away.

Felt like doing some torso practice with a shirtless Corveil.

Underpainting/sketch of the Corveil practice above.

Arquel painting practice. 

Crop of another practice painting with Arquel & Corveil.

Additional more rough sketches in the full post!

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Guild Wars 2 Charr Commission Process: Salorast

Guild Wars 2 Charr Commission for Salorast

Process blog post for a Guild Wars 2 Charr commission for Salorast!

Early sketch idea.
Sketch revisions & blocking-in the major forms.
In-progress crop from during the painting stages of the commission.
The finished painting.

Thanks again to Salorast for commissioning me!

Guild Wars 2 Commission Process: Bou & Dali

Process post for a recent Guild Wars 2 commission completed over the summer! This piece features Bou & Dali’s GW2 norn characters.

Initial thumbnail composition sketches.

I began by sending Bou & Dali several sketch compositions, based upon their initial description & character references sent to me 

Sketch variations/revisions after receiving client feedback.

One of the rounds of sketch revisions upon hearing client feedback.

The sketch before starting the painting process next.

I cleaned-up the sketch a bit more, before sending it to the client for approval before beginning the “painting” stage of the commission process.

In-progress step during the painting process.

Here’s an in-progress image from during the painting process.

In-progress close-up of the Herald norn character.
In-progress close-up of the Druid norn character.
The finished piece.

Thanks again to Bou & Dali for commissioning me!