ZBrush Sculpts & Sculpt+Paintings

I really enjoy using ZBrush as a kind of digital maquette – it was fun to explore the possibilities for Vaknaa’s design this way. Particularly with her head crest feathers.

The above painting is painted over a rough sculpture of her.

This is another sculpt+paint of Vaknaa.

The rest are sculpt+paintings of Aurelle. The hair is very inspired by Entei Ryu’s work as mentioned in the previous Blender post! Her work is elegantly gorgeous and greatly inspires me.

One more sculpt+paint of the same model. Below is the unpainted model on its own.

Guild Wars 2 ZBrush Sculpts

I ended up doing a few sculpts this past spring/summer, enough to split the ZBrush sculpts into two posts! In this one I’ll post a few of the GW2-related posts.

Guild Wars 2 Charr Guardian Sculpt+Paint

Guild Wars 2 Charr Guardian sculpt+paint.





Sculpt for the above sculpt+paint! Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

Guild Wars 2 Trahearne sculpt+paint


And the above is how the sculpt itself looks!

Trahearne Portrait Sculpt+Paint


Malyck Sculpt+Paint

An earlier, wide version.

This version is slightly more refined, though I would still consider this a sketch or study exploration.

Here is how the sculpt looks on its own!

Blender Sculpts

Earlier this year, I had a hankering to try and learn 3D sculpting. ZBrush is the go-to program for this, but because I wasn’t sure the laptop I was using could handle it, I became interested to try Blender first.

I was also interested in checking out Blender’s sculpting tools, because I had heard they’ve been making real strides as of late. I had heard that their developers were becoming closer and closer to rivaling ZBrush. I also stumbled across the amazing Entei Ryu’s “sculpt+paint” artworks around this time, which are her gorgeous ZBrush works that she paints over in a 2d program. She’s largely what inspired to finally try exploring 3d sculpting this year!

I’ll post a few of my first Blender sculpts below, and follow-up with another post chronicling my forays into ZBrush next!

These are in roughly reverse chronological order, which means they become subsequently more silly the further down you scroll:

Corveil | Blender Sculpt+Paint

First, we have a sculpt+paint of Corveil. It was sculpted using Blender’s sculpting tools, rendered out, and then the still rendered frame was painted over in Photoshop.

Here is a Blender sculpt+paint of Aurelle, one of the characters from a personal project!

Above is the Blender sculpt itself! Click the smaller image to see a larger version.

Aurelle | Blender Sculpt+Paint

Next is a sculpt+paint of Aurelle.

Lion Head | Blender Sculpt

This was one of the earlier sculpts I tried. I was mainly familiarizing myself with the sculpting tools and brush in the program.

Here is the sculpt and sculpt+paint of one of my “Duskbirds,” formally referred to as “Skullbirds.”

And here is a bonus render of a silly Elsium, glowing from within.