Dust on the Moon Art Compilation

A compilation post of all my artwork for Dust on the Moon. This is basically the project name for my original characters and the world they inhabit.

Vaknaa | Arquel | Corveil Liermire | Aurelle | Enoki | Exodus

Corveil & Arquel | Duskbirds | Sketches & Misc.


“Everyone should strive to be a hero.”


“He wandered the mire until I found him.”

Corveil Liermire

“Let’s not break this illusion.”


“When light becomes too bright, it blinds.”

Kurt Landreth

“And then sometimes, I cease to care at all.”


“I shine, not burn.”



“A mirage under the moon.”



“What curiously marvelous creatures.”

Sketches & Misc.

Guild Wars 2 Art Compilation

Similar to the Trahearne & Malyck compilation post, I thought it might be fun to compile a post to house the Guild Wars 2 artwork I’ve made over the years. Like the previous post, this will be kept updated. Hopefully this might become a little archive that’s easy to browse.

GW2 Commissions | Charr | Tengu | Sylvari | Everyone Else | Sketches

Trahearne & Malyck

GW2 Commissions


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If you’d like to view only my Trahearne & Malyck art, I’ve organized them on their own page.

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Everyone Else

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Paint-ober 2021

During October, I tried a self-prompt monthly challenge that I decided to call “Paint-ober!” I checked to see if this was an official or unofficial prompt anywhere, and didn’t find much for it. I’m sure it’s been participated in before, but it doesn’t seem to be very popular. I’ve never been interested in completing a monthly prompt like this before, but “paintober” sounded like a fun one to me!

Below are the artworks I did over this month, arranged in chronological order:

ZBrush Sculpts & Sculpt+Paintings

I really enjoy using ZBrush as a kind of digital maquette – it was fun to explore the possibilities for Vaknaa’s design this way. Particularly with her head crest feathers.

The above painting is painted over a rough sculpture of her.

This is another sculpt+paint of Vaknaa.

The rest are sculpt+paintings of Aurelle. The hair is very inspired by Entei Ryu’s work as mentioned in the previous Blender post! Her work is elegantly gorgeous and greatly inspires me.

One more sculpt+paint of the same model. Below is the unpainted model on its own.

Guild Wars 2 ZBrush Sculpts

I ended up doing a few sculpts this past spring/summer, enough to split the ZBrush sculpts into two posts! In this one I’ll post a few of the GW2-related posts.

Guild Wars 2 Charr Guardian Sculpt+Paint

Guild Wars 2 Charr Guardian sculpt+paint.





Sculpt for the above sculpt+paint! Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

Guild Wars 2 Trahearne sculpt+paint


And the above is how the sculpt itself looks!

Trahearne Portrait Sculpt+Paint


Malyck Sculpt+Paint

An earlier, wide version.

This version is slightly more refined, though I would still consider this a sketch or study exploration.

Here is how the sculpt looks on its own!