Hoatzin Sketch

Hoatzin pencil sketch/study. A Hoatzin is a type of cuckoo! A very pretty one at that. It’s the punk bird of the cuckoo world.

It’s amazing how much more fun drawing can be on different types of paper. This is on a lightweight watercolor paper.

Bird Studies

I did some ink drawings to try out my new Staedler pen. Over Christmas, I received this wonderful reference book of all kinds of different birds from around the world. I went through and chose the weirdest ones that I knew would be fun to draw, so these are all referenced from that wonderful book.

Tawny Frogmouth Adult

Tawny Frogmouth Chick
I can’t believe these are real animals

Hawk-Headed Parrot

(top started out as the chick, but then turned into an imaginative drawing)

The Staedler pen is nice. I like it much more than the old Koh-I-Noor pen I used to have in high school. I think my bad experience with that pen (writes a nice line – for five minutes, then you have to clean it again) is part of what made me not like doing micron drawings. They are fun, but since buying the Staedler I’ve been using my quill pen more (see post below).