Guild Wars 2 Commission Process: Bou & Dali

Process post for a recent Guild Wars 2 commission completed over the summer! This piece features Bou & Dali’s GW2 norn characters.

Initial thumbnail composition sketches.

I began by sending Bou & Dali several sketch compositions, based upon their initial description & character references sent to me 

Sketch variations/revisions after receiving client feedback.

One of the rounds of sketch revisions upon hearing client feedback.

The sketch before starting the painting process next.

I cleaned-up the sketch a bit more, before sending it to the client for approval before beginning the “painting” stage of the commission process.

In-progress step during the painting process.

Here’s an in-progress image from during the painting process.

In-progress close-up of the Herald norn character.
In-progress close-up of the Druid norn character.
The finished piece.

Thanks again to Bou & Dali for commissioning me!

Landylachs’ GW2 Community Chest Giveaway!

What’s inside a GW2 Community Chest? A variety of skins, finishers, chairs & more of your choice!
Check out the full contents listed here on the official GW2 Wiki page.

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GW2 5 Community Chest Codes (Sep 2022)

I’m trying something new with a (hopefully) different type of giveaway than I’ve hosted in the past!

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This Guild Wars 2 Community Chest giveaway is live now (started on Thursday, September 8th), and runs for most of the month.
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General Guidelines

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Good luck and hope this is fun!

Dust on the Moon Art Compilation

A compilation post of all my artwork for Dust on the Moon. This is basically the project name for my original characters and the world they inhabit.

Vaknaa | Arquel | Corveil Liermire | Aurelle | Enoki | Exodus

Corveil & Arquel | Duskbirds | Sketches & Misc.


“Everyone should strive to be a hero.”


“He wandered the mire until I found him.”

Corveil Liermire

“Let’s not break this illusion.”


“When light becomes too bright, it blinds.”

Kurt Landreth

“And then sometimes, I cease to care at all.”


“I shine, not burn.”



“A mirage under the moon.”



“What curiously marvelous creatures.”

Sketches & Misc.

Guild Wars 2 Art Compilation

Similar to the Trahearne & Malyck compilation post, I thought it might be fun to compile a post to house the Guild Wars 2 artwork I’ve made over the years. Like the previous post, this will be kept updated. Hopefully this might become a little archive that’s easy to browse.

GW2 Commissions | Charr | Tengu | Sylvari | Everyone Else | Sketches

Trahearne & Malyck

GW2 Commissions


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If you’d like to view only my Trahearne & Malyck art, I’ve organized them on their own page.

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Everyone Else

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